DEGA NS II Gas Detection Transmitter


Detection of toxic and combustible gases and oxygen

DEGA NS II transmitter is a part of the gas detection system. Transmitter is located in monitored premises in which critical situations due to accumulation of flammable or toxic substances can occur. Detector converts the measured concentration of substances into a unified signal 4 – 20mA and RS485.
The transmitter can be connected to control panels DEGA UPA III, DEGA UKA III and DEGA UDA III.




4-20 mA, ATEX, Elektrokjemisk, IR, Katalytisk, Modbus, PID, RS485, SIL


Aceton C3H6O, Ammoniakk NH3, Butan C4H10, Butanon C4H8O, Eksplosive gasser, Etanol C2H5OH, Etylen C2H4, Etylenoksid C2H4O, Formaldehyd CH2O, Fosfin PH3, Heksan C6H14, Hydrogen bromide HBr, Hydrogen H2, Hydrogencyanid HCN, Hydrogenklorid HCl, Hydrogensulfid H2S, Karbondioksid CO2, Karbonmonoksid CO, Klor Cl2, LEL Nedre eksplosjonsgrense, Lystgass N2O, Metan CH4, Nitrogendioksid NO2, Nitrogenmonoksid NO, Oksygen O2, Ozon O3, Penten C5H12, Propanol C3H7OH, Styren C8H8, Svoveldioksid SO2, VOC flyktige organiske forbindelser

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