Gassdetektor OdaLog® 7000 MkII


Odalog – Monitor up to 6 gases

The OdaLog® 7000 MkII multi-gas unit is based on the proven OdaLog® Logger design and had been designed to be a single gas monitor, or to monitor up to 6 gases depending on the combinations required.

The instrument has very distinct audible and visual alarms with a huge data logging capacity as well as an easy to read display with a flip screen function for overhead reading.

  • Food Processing Plants
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Mining industry
  • Shipping industry
  • Confined space



Display, Elektrokjemisk, Halvledere, IR


Hydrogensulfid H2S, Karbondioksid CO2, Karbonmonoksid CO, LEL Nedre eksplosjonsgrense, Metan CH4, Nitrogendioksid NO2, Nitrogenmonoksid NO, Oksygen O2, Svoveldioksid SO2

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