Gassdetektor OdaLog® RTx


Odalog – Wireless Transmission of Gas Concentration data via Internet

The OdaLog® RTx is the next generation of OdaLog® gas logger that utilises an in-built cellular modem to transmit real time gas concentration data to a dedicated Internet server that is remotely accessible using the latest OdaStat-G software application.

The OdaLog RTx provides a M2M solution for the integration of device and sensor data with the big data, analytics and other enterprise applications behind the IoT.

  • Wireless transmission of gas concentration data through the Internet
  • Data accessible with PC based software OdaStat-G
  • Instrument configuration and parameters can be changed remotely
  • Stores up to 42000 data points on the actual device
  • Designed for harsh sewer environments



Display, Elektrokjemisk


Hydrogensulfid H2S

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