Servomex ServoPro 4900 Multigas


Servomex – Multi Gas Monitoring

The advanced SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas delivers high-performance multi-gas monitoring designed specifically for the continuous emissions monitoring of flue gas.

This sensitive analyzer uses a combination of Servomex’s leading-edge, patented, digital sensing technologies, including Paramagnetic O2, and the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) techniques of Single Beam Single Wavelength (SBSW) and Gas Filter Correlation (GFx).

  • Provides a complete continuous emissions monitoring solution for flue gas analysis
  • Ideal for criterion pollutant/greenhouse gas monitoring: % level O2, CO2 and CO, plus ppm level SO2, NO, CO, CH4 and N2O
  • Continuous multi-gas monitoring
  • Digital communications for remote access: RS232/RS485 Modbus and PROFIBUS (Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP to follow



Display, Ethernet, Modbus, NDIR, Paramagnetiske, RS232, RS485


Karbondioksid CO2, Karbonmonoksid CO, Lystgass N2O, Metan CH4, Nitrogendioksid NO2, Oksygen O2, Svoveldioksid SO2

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