Sievers M5310 C TOC Analyzers



Sievers TOC Analyzers

Sievers M5310 C Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers are designed specifically for the drinking water industry. Monitoring organic matter at drinking water treatment facilities can help plant operators understand changes in water quality and make informed decisions about treatment processes. Designed to minimize operator intervention, the M5310 C Analyzers offer cost-effective, reliable measurements—enabling process optimization and regulation compliance with ease.

  • Compliant with USEPA Approved Analytical Method (SM 5310C and USEPA 415.3)
  • Equipped with standard internal Inorganic Carbon Removal (ICR) module for improved accuracy when analyzing water high in inorganic carbon (IC)
  • Autoreagent mode for automatic calculation and implementation of optimal reagent flow rates
  • Easily integrated into current plant setup for continuous online measurements or grab mode sampling
  • Broad analytical range from 4 ppb to 50 ppm
  • Twice-as-fast as Sievers’ last generation TOC Analyzers, now with two-minute TOC analysis
  • Improved user-friendly, dashboard-style, touchscreen interface for simple operation and data review
  • At-a-glance consumable status • Streamlined, faster system protocols • Informative error and alert messages for simplified troubleshooting
  • Secure database structure for improved data searches and querie





4-20 mA, Display, Modbus, USB

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