SUN Condensate Pre Separator KVE



SUN Condensate Pre Separator

The KVE model condensate pre separator is designed for the continuous separation of gases and liquids. The
measuring gas containing condensate is fed via 2 gas inputs (GAS-IN) into the condensate pre-filter unit. Centrifugal
force is applied and the heavier condensate collects in the bottom of the container. The condensate output
(CONDENSATE-OUT) can then be used to drain it off.
For large condensate quantities, the condensate output 2 (CONDENSATE 2) can also be used.

The lighter measuring gas, on the other hand, is supplied to the top of the container (GAS-OUT).
A Water-Trap-Cartridge (Option) may optionally be integrated. Its semi-permeable diaphragm prevents a condensate
break-through. The diaphragm separates gases from water, weak acids and dust. The diaphragm is not suitable for
use with aromatic hydrocarbons, e.g. oils and fuels in refinery process gases.

  • For the continuous separation of gas/liquid mixtures
  • Volume can be expanded using modular technology
  • Water-Trap-Cartridge (optional) prevents condensate break-through




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