Gassdetektor SERVOMEX OxyDetect



Servomex – Safe Area Oxygen Monitor

The SERVOMEX OxyDetect is a breakthrough in life safety: a safe area oxygen (O2) monitor that accurately monitors oxygen levels without the sensor deterioration that affects traditional electrochemical sensors used in competitor detectors.

Designed for use in life critical applications, the OxyDetect utilizes the Hummingbird Paracube® Micro Paramagnetic sensor, whose industry-leading levels of linearity, accuracy and reliability have ensured its use as a trusted O2 sensor for the OEM medical market. The OxyDetect demonstrates several advantages over traditional technologies, ensuring an unprecedented level of safety and performance as we.

  • Suitable for indoor use for temperatures ranging from 5°C to 45°C
  • Light wall-mountable design for easy installation
  • Output range of 0-25% O
  • Easy to use digital interface
  • Fault alarm via mA jam to 0mA
  • Simple integration via isolated 4-20mA output with linear measurement



4-20 mA, Display, Paramagnetiske


Oksygen O2

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