SUN – Water-Oil-Trap with fine particle filter



WT 20.83 PVDF XL – WT 20.83 PVDF EL XL – WT 20.83 PFA XL

The diaphragm separates gases from condensate and dust. The Water-Oil-Trap is designed as a bypass filter. The main gas flow can be discharged again via the bypass; a partial current (1:2 to 1:20) will be provided to the analyzer. This results in quick response times of the analyzer.

  • Built-in XL filter for particle and permanent liquid deposition
  • With double diaphragm system for stopping water, acid, alkaline solution and oil
  • Bypass function – “Easy Change System” of the inner diaphragm After removing the cover screws, the diaphragm can be replaced quickly and effortlessly It is not necessary to remove the screw connections
  • All gas connections on the lower part of the housing
  • Built-in XL filter for particle and permanent liquid deposition
  • Replacement, without removing screw connections
  • Made in Germany

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