Servomex DF-550E NANOTRACE



Servomex – Measuring Ultra Trace Oxygen

The DF-550E is designed to deliver ultra-trace measurements of O2 as a contaminant in ultra-high purity electronic gases. With the highly sensitive 200 ppt LDL delivering superior analytical headroom, the DF-550E’s fast response provides sensitive and dependable process monitoring.

  • Ultra-trace Coulometric sensing is ideal for upset prone applications and compensates for sample and flow rate fluctuations
  • Monitors multiple background gases with a single unit
  • Low detection limit capabilities: 200ppt Lower Detection Level (LDL)
  • Flexible configuration options: initiation via front panel/digital interconnect



0-10V, 0-1V, 0-2V, 0-5V, Coulometric, Releer


Oksygen O2

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