Servomex ServoPro PLASMA



Servomex – Plasma Emissions Detector (PED)

Using a high specification, patented Plasma Emissions Detector (PED) sensing technology that features an intelligent micro-processor platform for unsurpassed stability and selectivity, the Plasma provides continuous monitoring of N2 in pure Ar and/or He and also N2 high purity for added flexibility. The Plasma combines high stability performance and flexibility, delivering an analytical solution that meets the needs of process control and quality checking in cryogenic air separation and gas bottling applications.

  • Optimized for cryogenic air separation, gas bottling applications or specialty gas laboratories requiring the continuous measurement of N2 in Ar and/or He and also N2 high purity monitoring
  • Control of External Valved Box (via RS232)
  • Three measurement ranges in both standard and high purity setting modes, with automatic range change function for optimal output resolution




4-20 mA, Display, PED, RS232


Argon Ar, Helium He, Nitrogen N2

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